About Us

At THE DC's Muscle Mania Gym, our mission is to give the ultimate fitness experience, which concentrates on every individual's health and fitness needs and helps you achieve your goals. We guarantee the highest quality equipment and training programs available, an expert staff, attentive service and truly sophisticated surroundings. Our Fitness training center is committed to being a unique Fitness training center in India.


We are different because we believe in being different, not for the sake of being dissimilar, but different by being the best in the fitness industry. We are here with one simple goal; to be sensitive to our member’s needs and fitness requirements. Our vision is to give our members the best fitness technologies and services that no others can provide. We hear your needs, thus we know what you are looking for.


DC's Muscle Mania is a fitness brand that is well known among business professionals and the working professionals. Our trained helpers and professional trainers dedication ensures that you receive the right fitness program, tailored to your body needs. We proudly pour fitness with fineness; because fitness is a privilege.


Here's what DC's Muscle Mania can do for you:
  •    We will make you feel more energetic.
  •    We will make you feel less anxious and stressed.
  •    We will help you to lose weight and maintain body posture.
  •    We will help lower your blood cholesterol level.
  •    We will help to reduce your risk of high blood pressure.
  •    We may help reducing your risk of heart attack.
  •    We may help reduce your risk of diabetes.
  •    We will help to keep your joints and muscles in good working order.
  •    We will help you increasing bone density and muscle mass.
  •    We will help you generating core strength of the body.

DC's Muscle Mania is the visionary product of Sir DayaChand who believe that healthy lifestyle lead to better quality of life. Sir Daya Chand is a certified trainer from National Institute of Sports, Patiala and holds 5th rank in World Power Lifting. He holds first rank in more than 10 National Gymanastics events. To know more about him, Click here ...